You Are Not Your Identity

You Are Not Your Identity

You are not your identity.

It’s a big statement, isn’t it, and something that most people don’t understand.

In our Western world, the first question you are asked when someone meets you is “What do you do?” and from that vantage – we are all invested in that answer.

You might be embarrassed or you may be proud with the answer.

Either way – you are attached to holding the identity that gives you external validation of your worth. So, if that identity disappears – there is a loss.

It is possible to detach from your identity and lead from the heart.

In the keynote, Eleni will take you through the journey of separating from the identity that you’ve created for yourself to find true peace, harmony & contentment in every area of your life.

Key Take Aways:

Distinguishing characteristics between false identity & true self

How to release the attachment to false identity

The release of overwhelm, exhaustion, drama, suffering and co-dependency from your life

How to make life choices with your true higher self to live your greatest unlimited potential