Heart Leadership for the Overwhelmed Business Owner

Heart Leadership for the Overwhelmed Business Owner

Have you noticed the strategies that grew your business are no longer working? 

Have you been struggling with knowing which direction to take in this post-pandemic era?

Many business owners are experiencing this right now, and there’s one main reason why…

Our world has shifted.

Our shared experience over the last few years has created the opportunity for deep self-reflection. People are craving authenticity like never before — turned off by the old-school marketing techniques of yesteryear and seeking something real.

Our client’s mindset has shifted. Which means, the way we do business needs to shift, too.

So, how do you shift with your client base to effortlessly expand your business? The answer is in Heart Leadership.

Marketing tools and techniques work best when they’re aligned with your heart energy and you’re filtering them through your own intuition.

In this key note, Eleni will demonstrate how heart leadership is the key to living the life you want to live. It’s where people step into their full selves and are able to truly receive the magic of life.

Key Take Aways:

How to quieten the head chatter and gain clarity with decision making

How to expand your business by being aligned with the essence of who you really are

How to shift from uncomfortable sales techniques into genuine heart-based sharing

Embracing the power of your resonance and intuition, to connect with why people really buy from you

How to release exhaustion and overwhelm from your life as a Business Owner