The Awakening Formula

2 Day Luxury Ocean Front Retreat


Own Your True Value & Purpose

17-18 October 2022

*This experience was previously known as ‘Drop Your Limits’

Are you ready to expand into your full potential by letting go of everything that is no longer working for you?

In this moment during the evolution of consciousness – there’s only one thing holding you back from creating a magical abundant life. YOUR BELIEFS about:

What is possible for you

Your self worth aligning to receiving all that the universe can offer you

Are you ready to finally let go of the drama and attachments to people and things?

THE AWAKENING FORMULA is a life-altering 2 day live transformational experience for individuals who are ready to bridge the gap between where they are at and what they know is possible for their life. 

The truth is, even though there is so much more available to us, we underestimate our impact and worth.

This inner work needs to be done NOW. 

The time for powerful leaders like YOU is to step into your power NOW.

It is time to release the subconscious layers of fear, self-sabotage, and conditioned limitations that are keeping you safe, but small.

It's time to activate the remembrance of who you really are.

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Sharna Brook, from Gympie Australia, shares her experience of the retreat.

The Awakening Formula

2 Day Luxury Ocean Front Retreat


At the ‘THE AWAKENING FORMULA’ Intensive, together we will:

Transmute your limiting beliefs into your own personal super powers

Use your triggers as a springboard for quantum leaps into an upgraded life

Release co-dependency and unhealthy attachments to people and things

Get very clear about your soul's purpose and essence

Become an energetic match for your highest calling

Practise the exact steps for your own creation process

Learn how to access your intuition and divine resonance to create a life of abundance

Practise anchoring into the energy of abundance to avoid stress and mediocrity

Learn how to choose every moment with flow & grace as you integrate your insights into your daily life

Create a sacred and safe environment for open sharing and connection

The Woo-Woo...

As well as the logical and practical …theres a lot that is woo woo because you need to embody the UNSEEN to tap into EVERYTHING the Universe has to offer.

You will learn:

How the Universe works in a ‘nutshell’ - yes we go there!

The Role of your Higher Self and Ego and how to use them to your advantage

Dimensions, Frequency, Vibrations & Universal Laws

Working with your subconscious fears & programming and RELEASING IT ALL so that you can OWN your PURPOSE

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Connie-Jo Homes, from Wisconsin USA, shares her experience of the retreat.

What happens after the retreat?

I want to make sure that you are fully supported post-retreat, as you integrate back into your daily life. As the founder of the world's only global Hypnotherapy clinic, you will receive one month of coaching, therapy & support, directly from me, every week live online.

>> Bonus Gift For Therapists & Coaches <<

For those of you who are Therapists & Coaches, we have a handy wholistic container, especially created for these changing times, that you can use to eliminate your clients limiting beliefs.

All clients have limiting beliefs that are blocking them from achieving their desired outcomes. It is imperative that their limiting beliefs are removed, to enable them to achieve their goals, and for you to have success as a Therapist or Coach.

This module is written as a stand-alone session which you can pick up and use. It includes:

"Drop Your Clients' Limits" Workbook with transformative questions and word for word scripts to use with your clients

Eight video teaching segments

Expertly-led 60 minute video demonstration of this quick and easy process

How to catch the limiting beliefs that keep creeping back in

Creating the empowered roadmap ahead for your clients

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Frances Bueno, from Sydney Australia, shares her experience of the retreat.

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The Awakening Formula

2 Day Luxury Ocean Front Retreat


$1,111 AUD

$1,111 AUD


I See You, Beautiful Human

The time for powerful leaders like us to step into our power is now.

Join me in this magical 2 day immersive and start being the change you want to see in the world and living the life you were destined for!

You have so much greatness inside.

Let’s illuminate it!

The Awakening Formula

2 Day Luxury Ocean Front Retreat

Private Residence, Jetty Road Glenelg SA

17-18 October 2022

Please reach out to with any questions


The venue is located 10 minutes from Adelaide Airport

All meals included

Dress for comfort and in layers

Several nearby accommodation options available (at your expense)

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